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About Us

The Hodges-Hodge Society was formed in November 2006 by researchers of Hodge and Hodges families, who met in Houston to share information and ideas. They decided to informally organize to set up a framework for data sharing and cooperative research. The Society has since held meetings in Richmond, Virginia, Taunton, Massachusetts, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, and Charleston, South Carolina. Meeting participants have generated several promising ideas for gathering, organizing, and archiving Hodge(s) family data. The society has set up a searchable database of Hodge(s) genealogical information.

Discounted DNA Test Kits

The Hodges-Hodge Society has Y-DNA37 genealogy test kits discounted to $100 from $149 for the first representative of families that have not yet been tested. Also, test sponsorships are available as appropriate. For more info contact the Hodges-Hodge Society.

Finding DNA Test Candidates

Are you having difficulty finding DNA test candidates for your Hodge(s) line? Jan Alpert has been down this road and has prepared a presentation with suggestions illustrated by her own experience. She has generously agreed to share this information. You may download the presentation and an example spreadsheet from the following links.

Finding a Male Hodge(s) Descendant for Y-Chromosome DNA Testing and Example Spreadsheet

Join the Hodges-Hodge Society

Annual dues for membership in the Hodges-Hodge Society are $25. The membership year is October 1 to September 30. Membership provides access to the members-only section of the Hodges-Hodge Society web site, which contains Hodge(s) files submitted by researchers and presentation materials from the society's meetings. Members are also allowed to upload Hodge(s) genealogical documents to the society's database. To join the Society:

Send your name, address, and check to the Hodges-Hodge Society to:
Sherry Hodges
2507 Rio Orilla Lane NW
Albuquerque, NM 87120


Pay by PayPal - click the icon below to be taken to the Hodges-Hodge Society PayPal site to make your membership payment


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Contact Us

To contact us with questions or comments email HHsociety@yahoo.com.

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